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Body Prophecy

by Black Magnet

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Who will rise? On the inside I find myself on the inside Inside myself with nowhere to hide Focus Mind Body Time I see within only in time Time in myself finds the divine Focus Mind Body Time
I feel my bones breaking I feel my body shaking I feel my flesh flaking All across the floor My skin is stretched tight and it’s wrapped up in lies No one can see in there is nothing inside Becoming a machine I still live in a dream where No one gets what they want and everyone must bleed Violent mechanix Violent mechanix Everybody’s dead I’m barely alive Everyone’s a pig Fresh slaughtered swine
I have no mind yet I can dream I cannot die inside this machine I have been touched every way I can touch I cannot feel, there is never enough I have no mouth and I must scream I have no patience inside this machine Life is a hellscape and I’m burning within Death with a vengeance all over again I have no eyes wired to this frame I live to die I am the game All of his voices are buried inside I don’t possess that which is mine No body, no mind No skull inside
Incubate 03:05
I was never there, I was perfect Floating in the air without purpose I spilled my blood on a cross of regret I chewed my nails until nothing was left I sat down on the side of a hill And made friends with a bottle of pills Ready your mind Ready your mind Ready your mind Ready your mind I sold myself at the cost of a friend Devoted to pain and to ignorance I fought my soul for the need to forget And crowned myself on a pile of shit Ready your mind Ready your mind Ready your mind Ready your mind
Hermetix 03:45
See me, teach me, leave me Sift my body down Ashes in the same place Embers floating all around Mind-spirit-interface They keep taking time, though I’ve got none to give Life is just a parasite that’s eating within Saw off my arms Saw off my legs Tear out my teeth Saw off my head Cowards all bend the knee In a spectral flashback Carnal abilities Complete the zodiac Crawling on my hands with black blood on my face A lover is just a lamb I am leading astray Saw off my arms Saw off my legs Tear out my teeth Saw off my head Open my body Inside nothing is pure Open my skull What’s inside is yours
Life is a placebo that they are giving away Oblivious to nature we are total decay When there is nothing left our souls will remain possessed Will our experience outnumber our days? The mind is just a shell for the soul to neglect Inside of a body where there is nothing left Bend back my arms and give me a new faith Push down my body until my life escapes Murderers of murders all sit down with machines Death prevails, the body fails, and my mind is washed clean Crawl across the floor and brand an X in my face Peel back my skin to reveal my hiding place Crawl across the floor
Body World 02:48
Feel my body, cold and broken in two Tear my flesh and I’ll give it to you Feel my bones break under my skin Reach inside, find within Not a wish or a prayer for the dead I wish I was nothing instead Make them remember Make them see Make them remember What they did to me Vibrating Pulsating Cremating Mind phasing
Sold Me Sad 02:30
You sold me sad when you left me alone Broke my bones so I couldn’t go Since you’re gone I’m with no friends Now you’re dead and I’m left with this pen We all cried now none of us speak We left our lives set on repeat At the bottom it’s still the same When we’re alone we say your name “Jamie”
Last Curse 02:08
How deep can your mind go? How much does your body need? How far can your arms crawl? To wipe the shit right off your knees How far inside can you hide? Before your soul tries to proceed If you swear there’s nothing there Will your god just try to bleed? You don’t need an enemy to start a war You don’t need a god to create love anymore I am an American My parents fucked in America
Dowsing 03:04


With the release of Black Magnet’s debut album ‘Hallucination Scene’ in 2020 a new Industrial Metal power emerged from the unlikely landscape of Oklahoma City. After anxiously waiting out the pandemic Black Magnet returned to the road in late 2021 and now drop ‘Body Prophecy’ the second full length burst of machine driven mayhem and electronic deviance.

On ‘Body Prophecy’ mastermind James Hammontree welds the frenetic vitality of post-punk and metal energy with driving synthetic club beats, factory force physicality and alluringly stark melodic pulses. Tracks like ‘Floating in Nothing’ and ‘Violent Mechanix’ feature both intensely catchy hooks and hammering brutal noise. ‘Sold Me Sad’ is a quietly deranged lullaby that takes an atmospheric turn. The throbbing drug-addled lurch of the Manson / Reznor-esque ‘Incubate’ is, at the end of the album, treated to a completely re-imagined and extended club style remix by scene legend Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Zonal, etc).

For all its harsher, scraping atmospheres and pummeling aggression ‘Body Prophecy’ always remains an eminently tight, memorable album molded for the stage and constructed to keep bodies in motion and listeners transfixed.


released June 14, 2022

Black Magnet is James Hammontree

Engineered and mixed by Sanford Parker at Hypercube Studios, Chicago IL
Mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room, Chicago, IL
Artwork by Jesse Draxler


all rights reserved



Black Magnet Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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